About us

Foundation House was established in 1993 by two recovered addicts who recognized the need in Victoria for an appropriate residence for men recovering from addiction. Shortly after establishing the first residence in a crowded house on Quadra Street, the Vancouver Island Addiction Recovery Society (VIARS), a non-profit charitable organization, was formed to oversee Foundation House. In 2000, Foundation House moved to its present location on Cecelia Rd.

The first house is owned by the Vancouver Island Addiction Recovery Society (VIARS). The house's architecture style is Arts and Crafts, and the interior was restored to its vintage style in 2008. In 2009, a lower level was constructed, increasing the number of beds available to ten for men in addiction recovery. In January 2011, VIARS opened the second house on Cecelia Rd. The house provided eight more bed's for men to continue with their recovery.
We have been pro active in keeping the neighborhood where our houses are located free from drug houses and the criminal element by using the neighborhood watch system. Our properties are well maintained and the children and parks are safer because of our stable growth and involvement.  

Our Approach - The length of stay at Foundation House is flexible and based upon the individual’s needs; they generally range from 3 months to 1 year. If needed a resident is welcome to stay for two years. Once residents are stabilized and thinking clearly and able to establish a practical educational or career plan, they can, if they desire, transfer to the second stage house.

It is our hope that, upon leaving the VIARS houses, residents will have established themselves in an alcohol and drug free lifestyle and be prepared to continue in a productive life-style. Ideally this would include continuing involvement in a 12 Step Program, a solid support network of non-using friends, productive leisure activities, effective stress coping skills, a strong sense of personal responsibility for their recovery process and long term education and career goals.

Staff - The VIARS staff/team is professionally trained with diverse education backgrounds in sociology, mental health and addictions, masters in education/counseling, reality and choice theory. Staff aims to be part of an overall individual recovery plan that includes various community based resources and provide formal counseling and group therapy. 

Our staff/team is available seven days a week and on-call 24/7 to maintain a safe secure environment. We ensure that the needs of all residents/clients are met. Staff is pro-mentoring in 12-step recovery based meetings, step work and advocacy in personal, educational and employment needs are available.
Personal Responsibility - Each resident is required to attend daily support meetings such as Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous or meetings with other support groups sanctioned by the facilitators. Total abstinence from all mind or mood altering drugs is required and is enforced through random urinalysis. Each resident is assigned a daily chore and weekly supper cooking responsibilities to encourage their contribution to the overall well-being of the home.

Referrals - We accept direct referrals from interested individuals who meet our intake criteria. We also accept referrals from community agencies (e.g. Alcohol and Drug Programs, counseling agencies, religious organizations, etc.) At VIARS, we endeavor to provide our residents with the support they need to transform their lives. We look for residents who want to not only overcome their addictions but to live a new, productive life built on a solid, drug and alcohol free foundation.

Funding and Community Support - Foundation House receives no government per Diem funding. We are community-based and rely upon donations of time, expertise, food, household items, and cash to enable us to provide the services we do.